Microcurrent Facial

Microcurrent facial


The Microcurrent treatment mimics the same signal that the brain sends to the muscles and skin cells to communicate the metabolic activity. Stimulating ATP production which increases collagen and elastin and helps bring energy back into the skin so that instead of absorbing light our skin can reflect it & provide that stunning glowy appearance in skin tone we all hope for. 
Additionally, the Microcurrent re-educates your facial muscles and is a great tool to help diminish the appearance of:

- fine lines and wrinkles 
- improve the skin texture and tone
- lifts sagging jowls
- helps with healing of the skin



How many treatments should you have?

The Microcurrent is a cumulative treatment therefore a minimum of 4 treatments up to 12 treatments are recommended for the results to hold. (This will depend on your age, health, hydration etc). 

No pain. No downtime. Relaxing and Invigorating.

The microcurrent treatment is incorporated into the Cosmetic Facial Treatments or
you can book in for a microcurrent treatment on its own.
See the 'Book Now' page.


Our microcurrent machine is FDA approved and Tracey is Certified in Microcurrent treatment.