Acupuncture treatmetn

Acupuncturists agree with Western Medicine in their belief that in order to maintain health, the body must be in a state of homeostasis. Sickness and pain is an indication that your body is out of balance.
The role of an acupuncturist is to re-establish balance and help your body to naturally return to its optimal state of well-being.

According to Chinese Medicine, the body is made up of pathways of energy called meridians, similar to your nervous system and circulatory network. They run up and down and front to back within your body. Acupuncture points are specific sites along these meridians. When stimulated with wire-thin, sterilized needles, acupuncture has the ability to access and harmonize your Qi, or life force energy. Basically this mean that if you come in with a sore neck or back we can alter the pain by applying needles to certain points on the body. 

At The Acupuncture Boutique we specialise in treating pain, injuries, digestive health, anxiety and cosmetic acupuncture. Tracey uses the Master Tung Technique and Dr Tan Balance Method. 

What to expect in your treatments?

Bookings can be made by clicking on the Book Now button on the navigation bar or by simply phoning Tracey.
An intake form will be emailed to you so please check your email (and Junk mail).
Please fill in the form as best you can, before your initial 
This information gives me an in-depth understanding of your health and helps me to create a diagnosis.

During your initial consultation we will discuss your intake form, your health as well as look at your tongue and pulse.
We will discuss what your main objective of the treatment and what your treatment plan will be. 
Acupuncture and/or cupping will be administered and you will relax for up to 20-30 min.

Consistency and commitment to treatment will ensure a successful outcome.

* Health Fund Rebates are available.